Product Certification

1)Product Certification Scheme

The Product Certification scheme is based on the International Standard ISO/IEC 17067 product certification scheme type 5. This scheme includes testing of the product and assessment of the quality system involved. Surveillance of the quality system is conducted and samples of the product are taken from the market or at the point of production, or both, and are assessed for on-going conformity.

2)Certification Process, Requirements & Fees

The information on certification process and requirements are described in IKRAM QA Guide 1. Information on established standard fees chargeable under the certification scheme is available upon request made to the IKRAM QA office.


IKRAM QA receives application from the following applicants:

2)Application & Pre-certification Stage

Application shall be made directly to IKRAM QA using application form IQAS-F-83 which shall be submitted together with the registration and/or product application fees.

The registration fee is one-off payment for a first time applicant and the application fee is payable on a product to product basis.

Accepted applicant will be placed at the pre-certification stage and will be required to submit information and documents in accordance with the category of the applicant as per table below:

Note: The relevant forms will be made available to the applicant upon registration and IKRAM QA reserved the right to request for more information as and whenever necessary.